Small Business Investment Companies (“SBICs”) are subject to the unique requirements of the Small Business Administration (“SBA”). These requirements can be complex and administratively burdensome.  At ZD, we have extensive expertise regarding these requirements and take a “hands-on approach” in assisting you with meeting your responsibilities.

In addition to the wide range of Tax Planning and Consulting and Tax Compliance services we provide, we also offer the following services unique to our SBIC clients:

General Services

  • Maintain SBA chart of accounts
  • Analyze non-cash income accounts including calculation of income available for distribution
  • Calculate management fees
  • Prepare and file quarterly/annual SBICWEB system Financial Report Form 468
  • Prepare and file SBICWEB system Portfolio Reports (Form 1031 and 1031A)
  • Assist with SBA leverage commitments and draw requests
  • Administer partner capital calls and distributions
  • Prepare capital certificates
  • Maintain trial balance, including monthly bank reconciliations

Management Reporting Services

  • Analyze internal rate of return
  • Track preferred returns
  • Maintain partner capital accounts
  • Prepare quarterly investor capital account statements
  • Prepare quarterly compiled fund financial statements

Annual Services

  • Prepare financial statements and related note disclosures for external auditing firm
  • Liaise with external auditing firm and/or tax preparer and prepare requested schedules
  • Assist with annual SBA exams and prepare of SBA requested schedules
  • Prepare Forms 1099


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