ZD’s business consulting services provide essential planning and sound business advice throughout the life cycle of a business.  From entity formation through business maturation, we can assist you in navigating the uncharted waters of an entity’s life cycle.

ZD brings to its clients the benefit of over thirty years’ experience in dealing with entrepreneurial owned businesses in diversified business sectors.  We have assisted many clients in various industries in achieving their business goals.  Whether it is a startup company, the expansion of an existing business, or the acquisition of a new business, our entrepreneurial expertise is a valuable resource in light of the many challenges confronting companies. We offer the following services:

  • Entity selection and review
  • Accounting and assurance
  • Controllership services
  • Business analysis
  • Forecasting and projection modeling
  • Profitability enhancement
  • Compensation planning
  • Family office accounting services
  • Accounting software installation and training
  • Capital requirements and financing issues
  • Employee vs. subcontractor determination
  • Entrepreneurial services
  • Personal financial planning
  • Maximizing wealth retention

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