ZD is dedicated to helping its public and private business clients with their tax accounting needs.  Compliance with the requirements of ASC 740 can be among the most technically challenging and time consuming aspects of preparing corporate financial statements. Although the basic guidelines seem straightforward, the special rules and exceptions of ASC 740 dramatically increase its complexity and require a sophisticated tax team to successfully navigate. Furthermore, tax provisions and process controls are increasingly attracting scrutiny by external auditors, audit committees and regulators.

Our seasoned professionals have extensive experience in tax and accounting services for public and private corporations. We are skilled consultants offering customized support to help prepare your tax provision analysis for independent auditor review and successfully navigate financial statement reporting and disclosure requirements for income taxes. You can rely on our expertise to bring your tax provision processes to the next level. Our tax accounting and provision services include the following:

  • ASC 740 consultations, review and outsourcing
  • Financial statement presentation and disclosure
  • Effective rate analysis
  • Deferred tax calculations
  • Valuation allowance assessment
  • Liaison with external auditors
  • Uncertain tax position analysis and documentation
  • Business combination services
  • Intra-period allocations
  • Interim tax accounting guidance and review
  • Tax law change implementation
  • Dispositions and discontinued operations reporting
  • Accounting for intercompany transactions

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