ZD in the Community – Philabundance Outing 2015


It’s no secret in the accounting world that certain times of year can be a bit “taxing” with longer hours and lots of work to keep us busy. In the summer months, our schedules become a little more flexible. Between vacations, beach days, and continuing to meet our clients’ deadlines, we realize it’s also important to find time to give back to the community we live and work in.


On August 20, 2015 we put down our calculators, turned on our “Out-of-Office” responses, and headed into Philadelphia to volunteer at Philabundance for the day. There are always different jobs to be done at Philabundance, whether it’s packing cereal, working in the freezer, or writing thank-you notes to their generous donors. Not knowing what kind of job we’d be tasked with, it turned out to be pretty fitting for us accountants. We spent about three hours in the warehouse where we weighed out and packaged up almost 350 pounds of rice. Although we prefer counting beans, rice was just the perfect substitute that day!


Thank you, Philabundance, for having us!

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