ZD in the Community-Ronald McDonald House – 2014 Outing


Instead of spending our summer volunteer day helping at our usual spot, Philabundance, but still in the interest of food, we thought we should take some time to reach another local foundation in constant need of volunteers. Having knowledge of various charities in our community, one of our Associates suggested we contact the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey.




We reached out to the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey to set up a volunteer day for the coming summer. Our call was gladly received, and we learned that each year, the Ronald McDonald House of SNJ provides a home for over 800 families with seriously ill or injured children. At any given point there may be up to 20 families, from various locations within and outside of the United States, residing in the family suites at the house while children receive medical treatments at one of the Philadelphia hospitals. The Ronald McDonald House enlists the help of volunteers on a daily basis in order to provide home-cooked meals for all of the families residing in the suites. We arranged to cook during the “Dinner” time slot on July 31, 2014 and got planning.



When brainstorming meals and confirming we would have access to a grill, it was a hands-down decision; what better for a summer night than some BBQ (optional, of course) chicken? Luckily, there are a few Grill Masters in the group, and they did a great job preparing our main course. The rest of the crew got to work in the kitchen. The bright and cheery atmosphere was perfect for a team of accountants-turned-cooks and -bakers to showcase some of our “other” skills! The best part about the day was having the opportunity to meet some of the families we had cooked for—which was truly a rewarding experience.

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